The Raid Cover FLUX is here!

Soldiers have been covering their helmets for a long time and the concept is not new to the nylon industry. Helmet covers have many benefits that keep them relevant even as the ballistic technology of helmets evolve. Primarily, covers aid in the protection of your helmet and provide a sacrificial barrier between the elements and your lid. Most notably, they help with abrasion resistance. Additionally, helmet covers allow the end user the ability to rapidly change the color of their helmet in changing environments or to add IR Defeat properties in a cost effective manner.

Raid Cover FLUX

With so many options out there, what makes this helmet cover different? The Spiritus Systems R A I D Cover was developed with ground combat operations in mind. The market is currently filled with helmet covers that offer a ton of features, such as built in battery packs and bungee systems. We decided to go with an extremely bare bones and slick configuration instead. After a few months of testing different feature-rich designs, we decided that less is more when it comes to helmet cover design. We found that having features like bungee cords permanently attached to the helmet quickly become snag hazards that can be fatal when conducting HELO or Airborne operations. Instead, we opted for a lower profile, fitted design which matches the natural contour of the helmet. The idea is that you can attach accessories like strobes, battery packs, and identifiers with Velcro. This eliminates the snag hazard, as the velcro will separate long before an injury could be caused.

Raid Cover FLUX

The R A I D cover is built out of Solution Dyed IR DEFEAT 500D Cordura Nylon. It uses genuine VELCRO brand Hook and Loop which is also IR DEFEAT. We also reinforced the front attachment points with a rubber-impregnated material (HANK) that is extremely abrasion resistant to prevent wear on high friction points.

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