QILO x Dirty Kid Fine Art RPG -7 prints & sticker pack drops today!

You’ve all seen him. The man that defeated the Taliban with a single rocket propelled grenade. Jamsheed now looks over every shoulder fired device alongside Allah.
Now’s your chance to pay homage to the popular icon and make his tool a staple piece in your home, office, or above your toilet.
Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.

Important. Please Read.

We are doing a limited run of these prints as a pre-order. Once the pre-order closes, these will be taken down from the site. These will not be sold again after the pre-order. Also, we heard your cries about price. Therefore we have dropped the price of the unframed prints. We want everyone to be able to hang these badass prints.

Dirty Kid "RPG" Prints & Slaps

Sticker Packs

We are dropping these sticker packs along side the RPG Prints. Stickers are going to be $12 with free shipping.

More details on the blog >> www.qilonyc.com/blog

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