PTS Syndicate announced the upcoming release of a new Sling Mount and Railed Hand Guard for the Masada AEG/GBBR.

PTS Masada Railed Handguard 3

The PTS Masada Sling Mount is made of phosphate coated steel and attaches to standard fixed carbine stock and multi-adjustable folding stock. This piece is highly recommended for those that have the Masada folding stock.

pts masada sling mount2


• The sling mount

• 2 socket head cap screw for Standard Fixed Carbine Stock (1 1/2″)

• 2 socket head cap screw for Multi-Adjustable Folding Stock (1/2″)

The PTS Masada Railed Handguard gives your PTS® Masada a generous amount of 8.5 inches of rail space for any optional integral light, laser units and accessories with a standard Picatinny spec mount.

PTS Masada Railed Handguard

It is manufactured from lightweight rigid machined aluminum alloy and is easily detachable requiring only a handguard pin and two small sized screws that are included with the product.

PTS Masada Railed Handguard 2

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