EPF-M & EP M-LOK Rail Cover new in at PTS

PTS Syndicate is glad to inform us that two new EP Series products have arrived. Welcome the EP M-LOK Rail Cover Set and EPF-M Modular Foregrip! Product description as follows below.

PTS EP M-LOK Rail Cover Set

The PTS Enhanced Polymer M-LOK Rail Cover is a simple, low-profile, one-piece panel design that can be press fit into M-LOK rail slots and can directly fit onto most M-LOK aluminum hand guards. Each panel also has two set screws to further help securely lock the panel to the M-LOK rail slot.
Item Code:
PT178450807 (Black)
PT178450813 (Dark Earth)

PTS EPF-M Modular Foregrip

The PTS EPF-M (Enhanced Polymer Grip-Modular) is designed to directly mount onto an M-LOK rail system. The CNC machined aluminum locking system is fused into the polymer to make the grip more solid and durable. Its compact size makes it a perfect handstop length for all hand sizes and minimizes interference with barricades, obstructions, or your tactical gear.
Item Code:
PT166450307 (Black)
PT166450313 (Dark Earth)

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