As modular as your missions! The MX Front Panels

The new Lindnerhof Taktik front panels help you gear up easier, whether used as a classic clip-on panel or as a micro-rig. Initially, the MX231 & MX234 are classic front flaps that add onto the front of your plate carrier.

MX Front Panels

But their excellent details and features simplify gearing up and allow the panels to function as a super-lightweight micro-rig. Velcro® fasteners on the back of the MX Front Panels work together with the clips to securely attach your carrier and ensure that they are on straight. If you’re in a hurry, the panels can also be patched using only the Velcro® fasteners. The clips and a pair of small loops in the panels serve as the attachment points for our chest rig carrying system—simply add the carrying system to the panels, cover the backside with your Velcro® cover, and the micro rig is ready for use.

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