The brand new Primal Gear series of Combat G4 uniforms with an improved cut and size, and two new colors: Primal Grey and wz.93 Polish Woodland! Now Available t Gunfire

Primal Gear is a brand of tactical and EDC equipment. Check out the wide range of Primal Gear, equipment that will be perfect for tactical operations, in EDC, and will surprise you with high quality of workmanship and attention to detail.

The equipment and clothing of Primal Gear are made of durable and resistant to harsh conditions material. The use of solid seams and high-quality accessories such as tapes, Velcro and buckles additionally increase resistance and durability. An exceptionally wide selection of pouches, perfectly designed and made tactical accessories, military clothing or EDC bags will satisfy even the most demanding user. The attractive price combined with the high quality of the Primal Gear equipment will allow you to reach for both beginners and professional users.

The new design of the Primal Combat G4 uniform set includes trousers and a combat shirt type sweatshirt, which thanks to the advanced cut will be perfect for any dynamic military operations. The multitude of pockets will allow you to fit all the necessary equipment, and a set of pads will protect your knees and elbows against impacts. The sweatshirt is adapted to be comfortably worn with plate carrier tactical vests.

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