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Over The Beach Operations are some of the most challenging and miserable operations that service members must endure. Spiritus Systems is proud to bring a suite of products that directly results in improved load carriage and soldier survival during sea borne operations.

The OTB product line is built with a mesh material, which allows for quick drainage of water and sea borne debris such a sand. OTB products will dry faster after exiting the water and will drain water faster and more efficiently as well. The mesh also makes the products simple to clean using fresh water after conducting operations in salt environments.

The Over The Beach (OTB) O V E R T shares the same profile as the
C O V E R T and O V E R T plate bags but with modifications that make it more suitable for seaborne operations. Most noticeably the bags are made primarily of a hydrophobic mesh material. The front bag features a 3 Row / 4 Column MOLLE field that doubles as a 6” x 3” Velcro Field.

This may be used to attach End User Devices (EUDs), such as those made by KAGWERKS or Juggernaut Defense. The Velcro may be used to mount placards, patches, and IR identifiers. The MOLLE can also be used to mount administrative pouches, frag grenade pouches, or Personal Floatation Devices.

The TUBES™ MOLLE Cummerbund was designed to be a lightweight and simple load carriage solution for the LV/119 series of vests.

Using the widely adopted MOLLE system, the cummerbund offers almost infinite configurations for mission needs by utilizing any MOLLE accessory that can be found on the market. 

The cummerbund has MOLLE webbing on both sides, so that you can utilize either side to attach equipment or armor. 

The TUBES™ MOLLE Cummerbund is a great option for those who are in and out of their vest frequently and have experienced wear and tear on their Velcro attachment vests. It is also a great option for those who are wearing their equipment in and around water.

The TUBES™ MOLLE Cummerbund features the proprietary TUBES™ Attachments systems developed by and officially licensed from First Spear.

The TUBES™ MOLLE Cummerbund is Berry Amendment Compliant materials sourced from industry leaders in textiles manufacturing. 

Attachment. The LV Series of vests hosts an attachment system like no other. This system allows for maximum adjustment and stability. This cummerbund will NOT sag when it is fully loaded unlike velcro-attached cummerbunds. 

The Cummerbund come with all parts and pieces necessary to attach to an Overt carrier. It includes the cummerbund, the TUBE integrator for the vest as well as the shock cord required to attach the cummerbund to the rear plate bag.

The LV/ Side Armor Bags are modular in design and allow for the use of hard armor plates, soft armor inserts (with the addition of one of our Side Armor Bag Caps™), or both hard and soft armor at the same time.
The bags were built with an offset MOLLE configuration, which allows the user to wear the plates as far forward on the cummerbund as possible. Wearing your side armor as far forward allows for side plate to front plate contact, and closes a small gap in protection left over by traditional side armor systems currently on the market.

Plate Fitment: The LV/ Side Armor Bags are built with stretch materials to accommodate 6 x 6 inch hard armor plates up to 1 inch thick in a stand alone configuration. The use of soft armor inserts require the addition of our Side Armor Bag Caps™ which can then accommodate 5″ x 7″ to 5″x 14″ rectangular soft armor inserts.

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