The cheapest on the market in its category!

Value and built-in functionality. The LVZ OVT Plate Carrier includes a low-vis triple 556 shingle, and is still the most affordable plate carrier on the market in its category as they say!

LVZ OVT Plate Carrier

The LVZ / OVT (Low Viz / Overt ) Plate Carrier is designed to be a super low-profile yet highly modular lightweight plate carrier/armor carrier ready to be used straight from the box. Ideal to worn under or over a jacket, during surveillance operations, or just as a slick plate carrier.

Built for low-visibility and concealment. 

LVZ OVT Plate Carrier

The carrier is designed to hold 10×12 Level III or Level IV hard armor plates. It can also accept 10×12 soft armor style plate backers if plates are not needed.

The cummerbund is extremely adjustable due to its overlapping design front and back that can fit small stature and large-stature body types. Hypalon non-slip material makes up the fully adjustable shoulder straps which also have 2 slips for other uses.

More colors are available!

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