Product Spotlight | Operator Combat Shirt from CLAWGEAR

The Operator Combat Shirt has been developed for one of their customisation projects with a European special forces unit. They implemented the latest operator feedbacks and combined them with latest fabric developments and textile engineering cognition.

The result has been extensively field tested, further improved and subsequently issued to the unit. The feedbacks were so impressive that they decided to add this combat shirt to the regular product line from Claw Gear as well and so you can buy it from now on.


The shirt is an uncompromisingly designed combat-specific garment specially to be worn under body armor. Its anatomic fit provides great wearing comfort and avoids pressure points. The sleeves and sleeve pockets have been completely new designed and feature articulated ergonomic design for even better comfort and mobility. Reinforced elbow areas can be equipped with removable elbow pads (available optionally). Zip collar is designed to be worn in different varieties for your comfort and to prevent intrusion of dust. Shoulder area is seamless to avoid pressure marks when wearing a backpack, plate carrier or chest rig.

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