A littel bit of Nod mounts tech talk

The good guys over at ACTinBlack know their business well and they don’t just create and sell you Nods, they also share knowledge with you to get a better understanding regarding all things night vision. So here’s a short read for you about “NVG Mounting Systems”. If you’re new or already into this kind of business, I bet you’ll enjoy the read!

Different NVG Mounting Systems and different mounts will result in different profiles on your helmet. If you for example pair a bridge based system like the RNVG with a dovetail mount based on the RHINO mount, you will have a very high profile when the system is stowed on your helmet. This results in neck strain and you have to be very aware about the bulk on your forehead when clearing obstacles.

NVG Mounting System

Low profile mounts and articulating systems or bridged monoculars will have a significantly lower profile when stowed on your helmet. Also they offer the option to rotate one or both sides up and out of your FOV when folded down. This enables you to be more aware in seeing your profile with the NVGs.

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