Here it is, the NOVRISCH Camo

Yeah, you read it right. NOVRITSCH has released his own camouflage pattern. You may have heard about it before or may not but the camo you’re looking at is developed in-house by NOVRITSCH.


The pattern itself consists of about 8 to 10 colors and has some Tiger Stripe taste in it. Designed for players (snipers) but with professional use in mind. The name? We don’t know at the moment but let’s call it NOVRITSCH CAMO or “NOVCAM” what sounds much cooler for now. Does it offer IRR or NIR capabilities? Nobody knows!

The guys over at SPARTANAT got an exclusive look at it and we’re please to provide you this teaser here too! If you want to see it more up-close and gather more intel, head over to their site and check it out! “Article is in German language”

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