New video series by UF PRO, Pistol Shooting Fundamentals. They teamed with LE-certified firearms instructor Rick Crawley to present 7 essential tips for becoming a better shooter. You want to consistently hit the exact center of the target? Then tune in.

How to become a better shooter? Rick Crawley, a former U.S. Marine and now CEO and chief instructor at Achilles Heel Tactical, discusses seven Pistol Shooting Fundamentals and offers advice to help you become a more proficient shot. When it comes to pistol shooting, consistency breeds precision. But to be consistent you have to get a grip on the fundamental skills of using this particular type of firearm.

The upcoming UF PRO video series will provide you with a solid platform to build on and improve as a shooter. Topics covered include shooting stance, pistol grip, sight picture, trigger control, and even how to take care of common pistol malfunctions.

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