Introducing | The ADAP KTAR and TEAR Front Flap

Ferro Concepts is excited to announce two new additions to the ADAPT Line of products they current offer to their customers.
All ADAPT front flaps are designed to work directly with The Slickster, Chesty Rig, FCPC, and a wide range of carriers on the market. This system offers mission flexibility allowing rapid attach/detach of the front flaps using the G Hooks and Velcro.


Perfect for those that use the AR-15 rifle platform in a Law Enforcement or Military occupation, the ADAPT KTAR houses the Haley Strategic MP2 magazine retention insert with the click-in design allowing the end user to insert magazines “bullets front” or “bullets back” and delivers a smooth draw of a fresh source without impacting the ability to quickly retain partial magazines in the case of a tac reload.

The KTAR front flap has retention bungees and the Ferro Concepts Pull Tab which are removable if open top is needed. Laser cut from 500D laminate Cordura.

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The ADAPT Triple Elastic AR Front Flap is an extremely low profile and quick draw option for carrying three AR-15 magazines. The elastic offers a positive retention on the magazines.

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