It doesn’t get much more precise…

The fit of the M:4 tool to the molded substrate of the inletted buttpad is something that Multitasker Tools had been worked with B5 Systems for a long time.

M:4 Tool

The tool itself is #wireEDM machined from solid bar stock and then finished on a CNC. You like it? Hell we at AMNB do so! Great idea from those two companies.

Available mid April 2022, stay tuned…

M:4 Tool


The M:4 is a patent pending 1-piece multi-tool for the M4 carbine designed and manufactured by MultiTasker® in conjunction with B5 Systems, makers of the SOPMOD and SOPMOD-Bravo buttstocks.

The M:4 is precision machined from solid barstock using wire-EDM/CNC, and fits discreetly with no visible footprint inside a specially inletted buttpad made by B5. Easily accessible without tools simply by pressing the release tabs on the buttpad. Dot coded to indicate functions.

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