Aegis HG Optic Shield and Optic Mount

Here’s the latest new release out of the smithy over at LayLax you may want to add to your sidearm as well to get your short dot well protected during crazy CQB fights!

A two in one optic that mounts directly to your slide for a low profile mounting solution that doubles as a shield for your critically important micro red dots because you don’t want to get them shot don’t you?!

Aegis HG Optic Shield

The shield itself is 1.5mm polycarbonate angled for the perfect balance of sight clarity and protection.

Aegis HG Optic Shield

This product is available for a variety of pistols and SMGs such as the MP5, Glocks, SIG P320s, 1911s, M&P9 or the famous HI-CAPA.


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