Lindnerhof-Taktik Launch of Its New MX Multi-Purpose Pouch Series

LENGGRIES, GERMANY (29 June 2022)—Fresh off the successful rollout of its second- generation plate carrier LT042/2, tactical gear-maker Lindnerhof-Taktik will later this week launch its newest must-have accessory—the MX Multi-Purpose Pouches, a trio of highly versatile yet lightweight add-on pockets designed to help users of the brand’s plate carriers more easily and effectively complete their missions.

The series consists of the MX174 Multi Hanger Pouch, the MX053 Multi-Pouch Horizontal, and the MX054 Multi-Pouch Vertical. All three will be available for purchase beginning Wednesday, 29 June, at the Lindnerhof online store.

Lindnerhof is known for its value-added products, and this newest lineup is no exception: the three MX Multi-Purpose Pouches come with an array of classic features but also some that are distinctly on the cutting edge, Lindnerhof CEO Jakob Kolbeck assured.

A key feature shared by the three new pouches is their interior multi-modular design. Inside each pouch is a Velcro® lining that permits easy attachment of Lindnerhof specialised organising panels. Kolbeck said he recommends users add the LT128 Panel Kit which, he explained, “includes everything you need to transform your plain pouch into a well-organised, secure holder of extra ammunition, medical supplies, radio equipment, writing implements— whatever you need your pouch to be, this kit gives you the ability to get it mission-ready.”

MX Multi-Purpose Pouches


The MX Multi-Purpose Pouches—made from Lindnerhof’s innovative MX multiaxial laminate material—are exceptionally light in weight. They also are distinctively slim and feature a reversed integrated two-way zipper. “The reversed zipper mechanism is designed to keep dust and dirt out of the pouches without sacrificing the user’s ability to easily and swiftly access their contents,” Kolbeck said. “The idea for this sensible mechanism came from our customers—it was through our practice of continuously eliciting user feedback that we learned of their need for a solution to the problem of dust and dirt affecting the sensitive optics and technologies they so often carry around with them on missions.”


Kolbeck noted that the two-way reversed zipper system’s fast-access attribute is facilitated by a drawstring positioned at the top-middle of each pouch. “As they say: if it’s multipurpose, it’s also got to be multi-opening,” Kolbeck mused. “To open these pouches in a hurry, all that a user needs to do is pull the drawstring. Or, if not in a rush, then the user has the option to use the zipper.”

MX Multi-Purpose Pouches

For loadout, the MX174 Multi Hanger Pouch attaches to any Lindnerhof Plate Carrier underneath the front or back plate compartment. “Normally, the space beneath the front plate is never used for anything, but the MX174 perfectly fills out this empty space while also keeping the loadout slim and free for additional gear,” said Kolbeck. “The MX174 Multi Hanger Pouch also comes with integrated elastic cords at the bottom to permit the stowing of tourniquets for quick access. And there is Velcro® at the front of the hanger pouch so that users can affix their unit patches.”


Both the MX053 Multi-Pouch Horizontal and the MX054 Multi-Pouch Vertical can be attached by classical MOLLE fixation. Additionally, the MX053 and MX054 include conventional hunting/outdoors industry-type slots for looping them directly onto a belt.

“The MX053 and MX054 have identical features; the only difference is their orientation—the former aligns horizontally, and the latter aligns vertically,” said Kolbeck. “As with the MX174, these two pouches have exterior attachment points for carrying tourniquets and lights or for compressing the pouch if necessary. They also let users attach unit patches at the front.”

MX Multi-Purpose Pouches

The MX Multi-Purpose Pouches go on sale 29 June 2022 and will be available in four colours: Coyote, Stone Grey, German 5fb Flecktarn camouflage, and MultiCam® (with Black expected to be added by year’s end).

For more information about the MX Multi-Purpose Pouches and other Lindnerhof-Taktik products, please visit the company’s web shop.

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