!!Important Product Information!!

Multitasker Tools just released an information regarding their Glock baseplate supplied with the new NANO2. You find it right below!

In our 14 years of existence, we’ve never had to pull a product AFTER we released it. Unfortunately we have discovered an issue with the Glock baseplate supplied with the new NANO2. Not sure if it’s material, dimensional (or both), but the retention is deteriorating after 10-15 insertions. The NANO mount from Emissary Development is NOT affected, and will work perfect fine with both the NANO and NANO2.
Accordingly, we are temporarily pulling the NANO2 from the market so that we can repackage it as a standalone product like the NANO. The Glock baseplate will be offered as a separate accessory when the technical issues have been resolved. If you have already purchased a #NANO2, you can either:
1) return the tool to the dealer you purchased it from.
2) use the tool and ditch the baseplate; we will send you a free replacement when ready (you’ll have to provide proof of purchase).
Thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding.

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