The faster the target moves, the harder he is to hit!

Found this article over at Marines Corps Times. It features an opinion from an Army officer working in the field of “nutrition and human performance” and I thought it’s an interesting read which should make you think about your own gear, fitness and overall performance.

“An enemy soldier scans the horizon. He notices a flash of movement in front of him. He quickly aims at his target and sends 120 grains of lead flying toward it at more than 2,300 feet per second.

Airmen with the 24th Special Operations Wing sprint toward an objective during a November exercise at Fort Sill, Okla. (Senior Airman Tyler Woodward/Air Force)

Whether he hits the target is determined by a slew of variables out of the target’s control: Skill, weapon accuracy, weather, timing … and certainly a little luck. But there is one variable the target can control: speed.”

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