Introducing | The Range of Accessories for the MOHOC Camera

Developed specifically for use with the MOHOC and MOHOC IR Cameras, their brand new range of accessories is designed to extend the functionality of your camera beyond the helmet. Starting with the Multi-Mount, we go over all the small things you may want to call your own.


This single accessory allows MOHOC® cameras to securely mount on flat surfaces, tripods, weapon rails, and the universe of action camera mounts.

mohoc Multi-Mount

Just like the MOHOC® cameras it supports, the Multi-Mount is purpose-built tactical equipment with innovative form-factor, military-grade ruggedization, and intuitive user interface.

Instantly secure your MOHOC® Camera to the top of the Multi-Mount with industrial-grade Velcro®. Then use the anchor points on the bottom to attach the Multi-Mount wherever your operation demands.

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When not deployed, protect your MOHOC® in this MOLLE compatible, tactical-nylon case. With ruggedized buckle and microfiber cushion over the lens, the MOLLE Case is basecamp for an off-duty MOHOC®.

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When your operations don’t require a helmet, the Shoulder Mount provides an instantaneous body-worn alternative. Built with tactical nylon and secured by industrial-grade Velcro®, it’s compatible with vests, chest rigs, backpacks, and other shoulder straps. Once positioned, simply turn the rotating lens on the MOHOC® to ensure a level shot.

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Velcro Loops Strips 5pk

5pk of Velcro industrial strength Loop 2”x4” strips to mount the MOHOC to multiple helmets or locations.

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Accessory Battery

MOHOC comes with a Li-Ion battery and can also run on two CR 123A 3V Batteries. Additional batteries available here for those needing extended power.

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