For those that wanted a hoodless version of Triple Aught Design’s popular Ranger Hoodie, your wish has been granted. TAD has released the Ranger Jacketwhich is still one of the most feature-laden fleece jackets available.

Hoodies: some like them, some don’t. Personally, I like hoodies as the hood is always available when needed; attached to the jacket. I haven’t found them to be in the way or cumbersome. But I’m coming from a civilian perspective, and what some LE and military folk pointed out to me was that a hood can adversely affect hearing, head mobility and limit peripheral vision; all of which can be priorities over warmth in particular environments. If they didn’t want to use a hood, they didn’t want to have it there to add bulk (which is understandable), and if warmth was needed, they’d wear a fleece cap or hat.

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