The Micro Fight MkV and it’s companion pouch (the CCS Pouch) will go live on February 25.

The MkV represents a generational leap for the Micro Fight line. Previously all Micro Fight iterations were composed of two open-top cells that could accept a variety of magazine inserts and Velcro flap closures. The latest version is now a single cell placard-style chassis that is built with all-new materials and manufacturing processes. The design features MOLLE on the front and sides to accommodate additional magazine pouches and tourniquets, and a row of anchor points along the top opening, for magazine retention bungee straps that will accommodate any caliber.

While it represents a radical shift in form from the current Micro Fight Mk 4 chassis, it is still fully backwards compatible with all of our magazine inserts, expansion chassis (The Thing 1 & 2), Expander Wings, and the LV/119 system.

The CCS Pouch is a general purpose pouch designed specifically for the MkV chassis. It features two zippered compartments with internal tie down loops and Velcro loop fields that will accept the full range of our utility inserts. The pouch is mounted with four MOLLE straps and spans the entire front face of the Micro Fight MkV.

This has been in the works for a long time because the MkV is so much more than an aesthetic update. We took our time to search out the materials required to make this tougher than any legacy product on the market and a manufacturing process that not only ensures consistent quality, but also produces some of the highest value per dollar in tactical kit on the market today.

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