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The new Wedge Lock 7075 handguards made by Mega Arms in collaboration with Hodge Defense Systems , compatible with any Mil-Spec upper, have started shipping.

Mega Arms Wedge Lock 7075 handguard4

A collaboration with Hodge Defense Systems, the mind set from the start was to create the finest combative modular system that was strong, lightweight, and with a positive tactile feel. We spared no expense in our material selection understanding the rigors this hand guard would potentially be faced with.

Mega Arms Wedge Lock 7075 handguard

For example, most manufacturers exploit the use of 6061 aluminum for ease and cost of manufacturing, though 7075 has strength properties that exceed 6000 series aluminums at or near 40%. Our barrel nut is made from Titanium to help with strength/weight, and the thermal properties one would normally see with steel or aluminum during high volume of fire. We chose a little thicker wall thickness for a solid tactile feel, more surface area, added rigidity, as well as a more positive lock-up for modular accessories.

Mega Arms Wedge Lock 7075 handguard2

The Wedge Lock / Hodge Defense Hand guard slip fit attachment system utilizes a simple, yet robust method via a unique patented wedge lock system. We designed the front of this hand guard to allow a gloved shooter to access their suppressor attachment point via a small angle, so not to fight for space while gloved. A steel anti rotation pin is incorporated in the 12 o’clock upper section which mates with a predrilled hole as found on Mega Arms billet and forged uppers, as well in many of our competitors uppers. The hand guard can be mounted without the anti rotation pin if your upper does not have this feature.

Mega Arms Wedge Lock 7075 handguard3

Please note, that due to the slim design of the The Wedge Lock, sound suppressors will not fit under the hand guard like they do with our MKM and MML uppers.

First to be shipped are the 16″ Mega Extended length version, designed for use with an 18′ or longer barrel. 14″, 12″, 9″ and 7″ version will ship in descending order, so the carbine length will ship last. M-LOK variants are shipping first, Key Mod will follow shortly.

Mega Arms Wedge Lock 7075 handguard5


  • Carbine – 7 inches, weight: TBA – $249
  • Mid length – 9 inches, 11.12 oz – $272
  • Rifle length – 12 inches, 13.05 oz -$295
  • Extended Rifle lenght – 14 inches, 14.33 oz – $326
  • Mega Extended – 16 inches, 15.58 oz – $357

All prices are MSRP. For more information about our dealers go to

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