Just dropped from MEC, the M-Valve

The MEC M-Valve can manage to increase gas efficiency. Constructed by high strength brass, it also minimizes the gas loss to fasten the entire cycling. Performance is more significant with steel slide pistols as well.

MEC M-Valve


  • High Strength Brass Construction
  • Stainless Steel Valve Button


  • Material:Brass, Stainless Steel, Rubber
  • Weight:
    • KWA/KSC GBB (6g)
    • TM MWS/ Hi-CAPA Airsoft GBB (6g)
    • TM G17 GBB (5g)
  • Manufacturing Process:    Precision Machining
  • Compatibility:
    • ME101 – KWA/KSC Pistol, MP7, MP9 GBB
    • ME108 – TM MWS, Hi-CAPA, 1911, FN 5-7, FNX-45, 1911 GBB
    • ME109 – TM G17 (Gen3, 4), G18C, G19, P226, PX4 GBB / WE G17, M9 GBB / VFC M&P 9, FNX-45, HK VP9, G17, G19 GBB / KJ M9, CZ P-09, CZ-75, KP-17 GBB / Action Army AAP-01 GBB / SIG Sauer M17 GBB

Grab yours here >> www.pts-steelshop.com

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