Announcing the MARK 2.0 AMP Kit

The all new Unity Tactical MARK 2.0 AMP™ kit is designed to work exclusively with the Ops-Core AMP™ headset. It is available in two configurations. Full kits come complete with OEM Ops-Core AMP™ Cradle Clamp assemblies and are ready to rapidly attach to headsets out of the box.
The MARK Only kit does not come with the OEM Cradle Clamp assembly and relies on end-users to supply their own Ops-Core AMP™ Cradle Clamps.
The MARK 2.0 AMP™ offers another option for mounting the popular Ops-Core AMP™ headset to helmets.
MARK 2.0 AMP Kit
It attaches at the traditional 12 o’clock position and allows for broader helmet acceptance of AMP™ headsets. The OEM helmet mount attaches from the rear of the rail. If a helmet does not have a rear rail, the MARK 2.0 AMP™ will still allow users to attach it to helmets.
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