American-Made Tools For Your Workbench

When it comes to firearms accessories, Magpul don’t just manufacture the most reliable parts out there – they also make some quality tools designed to raise the bar on your AR15 build.

Magpul Tools

Their Armorer’s Wrench and BEV Block are designed to make disassembling your AR and putting it back together easy. American-made with US steel, the Magpul Armorer’s Wrench is an ingenious tool; from barrel nuts to flash hiders, rifle receiver extensions, and carbine castle nuts, it works with many of your AR’s mechanical interfaces. It even includes two hammer faces and a handy bottle opener for when the job’s done.

Magpul Tools

Turn your workbench into a dependable upper and lower vise block tool with our BEV Block. With a dual function design, the BEV Block provides a stable platform when working on your upper or lower receiver. It engages the barrel extension with solid steel lugs and a full-length steel support shank to prevent flexing with both billet and forged uppers. To protect aluminum parts, Magpul polymer is used at other contact points on the rifle. An o-ring post uses the bolt carrier for additional stability and includes a pin that keeps your upper in the proper position.

You can find these useful tools and other hard-use firearms accessories at and at your local retailer.

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