Game Changing Ergonomics – The MOE-K Grip

Over the years, Magpul has transformed and optimized the AR-platform experience, reinventing everything from the front backup sight to the stock, and most points in between. The grip is one of the interfaces on an AR that’s very personal and affects the comfort and effectiveness of the weapon.

MOE-K Grip

As a result, all of their grips were created to align with specific angle, texture, size and storage needs for the individual shooter and their weapon. The MOE-K family of grips features a more vertical grip angle that’s designed to improve comfort, control, and maneuverability.

MOE-K Grip


This brings the shooting hand closer to the body, improving the shooter’s command over short length-of-pull rifles, and it’s optimized for Personal Defense Weapon configurations.


Each grip is constructed of Magpuls high-strength polymer and is able to handle abuse and harsh conditions. The MOE-K and MOE-K2 feature TSP texturing for additional weapon control, while the MOE-K2+ includes wrap-around rubber overmolding for maximum grip support. The K2 and K2+ are also compatible with their optional Storage Cores, allowing you to keep some important items literally at hand.

MOE-K Grips

You can find the entire MOE-K line at or at your local Magpul retailers.

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