“Black Python ECHO1 M28/ VSR-10 Style Tight Bore Barrel Ver. 2 ” Now Available !!


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MadBull Airsoft again applies its Black Python Tight Bore technology to bolt action sniper rifles. The new design of Tight Bore barrels are for Echo1 M28/ VSR-10 style bolt action rifles. Based on our tests, the 6.03mm Black Python Tight Bore barrel can enhance velocity by at least 15%, needless to mention the upgraded accuracy. Enjoy the MadBull’s famous Black Python Tight Bore technology!

Package include:
1x Madbull 6.03mm BP517 inner barrel

– Increases performance by at least 15%
– Light weight durability
– Applicable to the Echo1 M28/ VSR-10 style bolt action rifles

Madbull MKT