Madbull Airsoft

Madbull Airsoft signs licensing agreement with LANTAC USA as part of their strategy to bring the best brands from the Firearms industry in to the Airsoft market.

According to Madbull Airsoft facebook page, LANTAC is very pleased to that today they have licensed their products for Airsoft manufacture to MADBULL Airsoft. There have been a number of unlicensed, sub-standard copies of LANTAC muzzle brakes manufactured by unscrupulous companies and this new licensing deal will deliver a high quality 100% original product into the hands of Airsoft shooters across the world.

Lantac Muzzle Brakes

Furthermore LANTAC also licensed their entire product line to include the LANTAC SPADA handguard system

Lantac SPADA Handguard

and the LANTAC UAR / Raven Upper and Lower receiver sets. So Airsoft shooters will be able to build a complete LANTAC rifle system if they want.

Lantac UAR Raven Upper Receiver

With this licensing agreement new 2015 LANTAC products will also be included in the Madbull Airsoft lineup and you will be able to see the new LANTAC products during SHOTSHOW 2015.





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