Javelin Gun Work’s NEW Electric Blowback Full Metal RECCE M4 AEG is one of the most versatile M4 style AEGs on the market, featuring a precision inner barrel paired with a maneuverable collapsible stock. Fully decked out with the latest Magpul PTS furniture, the NEW Javelin RECCE rifle is also extremely comfortable and ergonomic. The RECCE (pronounced wreck-ee) rifle design was originally developed for the Navy SEALS, providing them with a precision rifle on a compact and lightweight platform. The longer barrel provides greater range and accuracy than a typical M4 AEG, and hides a 6.04mm tight bore inner barrel. The electric blowback feature of the Javelin Gun Works RECCE M4 AEG is crisp and powerful, adding to the realistic look and feel of this unique AEG.