The OPFOR is a polymer magazine carrier designed to carry the AR-15/ M16 family of magazines. Featuring two dramatic improvements over existing magazine carriers, the OPFOR will change the way we think about tactical equipment forever.


First, the OPFOR uses a new Patent Pending MOLLE/PALs attachment system. This allows the user to mount and dismount the OPFOR from any 2×2 MOLLE/PALs surface in seconds. The OPFOR allows you to take full advantage of the modular nature of your equipment. Now like never before, users can quickly scale and adjust their load outs, or easily transfer their OPFORs to a new platform. “Only carry what you need, where you need it, when you need it.”

The OPFOR also features a lidless positive magazine retention system. Once inserted into the OPFOR, magazines are automatically locked in place and can not accidentally be dislodged. Positive retention is achieved by using a leaf spring to bias the magazine’s catch hole onto a fixed latch. Magazines can be quickly and easily withdrawn from the OPFOR by applying a simple twist and pull. This natural motion actually imparts three separate forces on the magazine in a mandatory sequence. This means that even if carried inverted, magazines will not inadvertently release from the OPFOR even during aggressive physical movement. With the OPFOR, every magazine carried is simultaneously secure and immediately accessible.


Check out the teaser video which shows how to install and to use it below and if you wanna get the full feature about the product, visit their website at: