The Vickers Medic Sling – Limited Edition Run “get it now!”

Are you a combat medic or play the medic role in a MilSim/LARP/reenactment event? Yes? Ever heard of this sling which is specially designed for medics? Find out what makes this rifle sling a benefit for you while treating a patient.

Vickers Medic Sling

Several times a year, BFG Inc. is able to open up orders for the Vickers Medic Sling. The Medic Sling – named by an 18D Special Forces Medic that requested the design change – a Vickers Sling that allows you to cinch the sling even tighter by using two quick adjusters for going ‘hands on’ and keeping your rifle close to your front or back.

Vickers Medic Sling

Built with the full functionality of a Vickers Sling, an extra Quick Adjuster means a more snug fit for when you need your hands free. The dual adjustment set-up functions as a normal Vickers Sling for most uses, but when it needs to be cinched down while working on a patient, fast-roping, or other dynamic activities the second adjuster can be moved through a wide adjustment range to dial the tension in perfectly.

NOTE: These will be built to order – scheduling now through Saturday 8/14. Expected to ship that following week.

The Medic Sling by BFG Inc. >> Get yours now!

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