If you like it special, this is it! Miami Tiger…

If Vietnam Tiger Stripe and white claw had a baby. Yea it’s loud, so is a 44 snub nose. Larping…..it’s called fashion Karen. This rad collab between Tactical Distributors and OTTE Gear is everything you need for the “year of the tiger” summer of 2022! The Miami Tiger Plate Carrier. 

The LVZ / OVT (Low Viz / Overt ) Plate Carrier is designed to be a super low-profile yet highly modular lightweight plate carrier/armor carrier ready to be used straight from the box.

Miami Tiger Plate Carrier

Ideal to worn under or over a jacket, during surveillance operations, or just as a slick plate carrier. Built for low-visibility and concealment. 

The Miami Tiger carrier is designed to hold 10×12 Level III or Level IV hard armor plates. It can also accept 10×12 soft armor style plate backers if plates are not needed. The cummerbund is extremely adjustable due to its overlapping design front and back that can fit small stature and large-stature body types. Hypalon non-slip material makes up the fully adjustable shoulder straps which also have 2 slips for other uses.

This is a limited edition run, once its gone its gone!

Grab yours now >> www.ottegear.com/products/plate-carrier