UF PRO adds limited-edition lifestyle t-shirts to its tactical-gear mix starting today

TRZIN, SLOVENIA (29 December 2021)—UF PRO today expanded its catalogue of advanced-technology tactical gear for military and law enforcement personnel by adding two limited-edition lifestyle-themed T-shirts for off-duty wear, the company reported.

The high-quality, exceptionally comfortable shirts—called UF PRO Tees—are emblazoned with graphics and messages that convey the wearer’s status as either a tactical operator or a person with a warrior’s mindset.

The t-shirts are meant to be worn by members of police and military units during their non-duty hours but also by civilians who wish to show support for or affinity with those who serve, UF PRO executives explained.

Both the Operator Tee and the Mindset Tee are made of cotton with a small amount of elastane (94 percent cotton and 6 percent elastane). 

UF PRO officials indicated that the Operator and Mindset tees are available in limited quantities. As a result, they said they expect the t-shirts to sell out quickly. 

The lifestyle UF PRO tees can be purchased at the company’s online store right here!

For more information, contact UF PRO at: info@ufpro.com

Operator Tee: ufpro.com/operator

Mindset Tee: ufpro.com/mindset

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