1” Webbing for a Lighter & Slimmer Build!

The Vickers ONE Sling offers all the features of the Vickers Combat Application Sling™ in a slimmer, minimalist design, creating a lighter and more versatile sling. For those with a lightweight rifle build or pistol caliber carbines, this sling is for you.

Vickers ONE Sling

The Vickers ONE™ Sling utilizes 1” webbing and custom designed hardware to create a sling that functions as a Vickers Sling, but at 23% less weight than the Vickers Sling.

Able to quickly transition from carrying a slung rifle comfortably to combat ready, the patent pending Quick Adjuster has bridged the gap between the two primary uses of weapon slings – from transporting to fighting.

Vickers ONE Sling

The ONE Sling is available in two versions – the Base Model with triglides on the front and rear for attaching directly to sling swivels or combined with other hardware such as 1” Uloops, and the Dual Push Button version with a sewn in push button sling swivel in the front and a captive swivel on the rear that still allows for overall adjustability. Both versions are available in both Black, Coyote Brown and more.

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