Product Spotlight | Lid Snake MK 2 by Spiritus Systems

Tired of having your wires on the helmet loose and not well organized so they´re out of the way and don´t stop you from focus on what´s more importand? The Spiritus Systems Lid Snake MK 2 was designed specially for those of you using night vision devices or cameras with external batttery packs that require a battery pack and safe, quick, donning and doffing.

Lid Snake MK 2

The wires connecting your battery pack are delicate and can easily become damaged or disconnected from your helmet. The are two traditional approaches to mitigate this problem.

1) Run tape along the entire length of your cable to secure it to your helmet.

2) Run the cable underneath your helmet between your pads.

The Lid Snake eliminates these problems while also providing abrasion protection for your battery pack cable.

This two-piece, flexible set accommodates unique helmet configurations, and are sized to be used as a single piece for flight helmets.

Available colors:

Lid Snake MK 2

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