LeatherNeck provides something new to the PenCott family of patterns, a true intermediate pattern!

A new pattern by PenCott hit the marke this Year. The so called “LeatherNeck”. The guys from Hyde Definition teamed up with 0421 Tactical to bring you this new pattern. Read below about it´s story and how they came across to develop LeatherNeck. If you wanna see it live, make sure to attend SHOT Show this month in Vegas, it will be worn by Sean from 0241 Tactical.

PenCott LeatherNeck

PenCott fans we have something new for 2018. This pattern is called “LeatherNeck” in honor of the colors of the MARPAT Marine Corps uniform that have been used this new pattern. Having a hand in helping developing LeatherNeck, our intent was to make a pattern with enough green and enough brown to work in all of the areas that fall in between ultra-green and in ultra-brown dominant surroundings.

PenCott LeatherNeck

Many patterns have drawbacks despite being effective. The Marine Corps put extensive testing into the colors they use in MARPAT uniforms (both desert and woodland). Instead of reinventing the wheel, why not use tried and tested and colors into the very popular PenCott family of patterns? Like the Marines or hate them, the Marines developed an effective camo pattern. PenCott has a great look and lots of shelf appeal. The combination of Hyde Defenitions pattern and the Marine color scheme will offer PenCott users great options as well as the possibility of gear made in a pattern that blends with GreenZone or BadLands purchasing one set of gear verses paying for two.

For future information, keep an eye out on their websites:

>> www.0241tactical.com

>> www.pencottcamo.com