Not your standard LCT Airsoft AK!

Gunfires GF Custom Division team is at it again with this LCT Airsoft LCKM Custom AEG they recently made. Looks like a pretty well done product they just released.

LCKM Custom (Ver.2009) Carbine Replica A replica of the most famous product of Soviet technological drive – the Michaił Kałasznikov’s assault rifle, in a modified version. GF Custom Division is an idea born in the heads of the Gunfire airsoft team. We want to offer you the highest-quality replicas modified and configured by our team using the best, tested parts and accessories. No element of the replica is there for no reason – these are exactly the kind of configurations that we would like to use in the field. In custom work on replicas helps our many-year airsoft experience and it can be easily summed up that GF Custom Division is a project created 100% by players for players. This time we have chosen an excellent replica in a tactical version for customization – LCKM by LCT.

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