LBX Tactical – for those of you who loves video games like Medal of Honor, LBX Tactical offers you the “Project Honor Camo Kit” that you can look like your favorit video game hero on your next airsoft games! LBX offers a full line of gear as you can see at the pictures below. The prizes are good and not to expensive.

If you wanna have great gear manufactured from “London Bridge Trading” for a good prize – here is your chance!


During the developmental stages of LBX Tactical, we decided to create a brand specific camouflage pattern for our gear. LBX set out to develop a distinctive look based around the brand logo. With recent partnership of EA’s Medal of Honor Warfighter, we had an opportunity to take the camouflage a step further and incorporate the logo of Medal of Honor Warfighter’s Task Force MAKO, a team of Tier 1 U.S. Navy SEALs. It was a no-brainer to deem the newly created camouflage pattern as the “PROJECT HONOR CAMO”, named after the Project HONOR program EA created dedicated to raising awareness and generating charitable contributions for fallen warriors from the Special Operations Community in honor of the sacrifices they and their families have made for their country.