Introducing the LBT-1961A-R KIT – Vest/Plate Carrier Kit.

There are many vests, plate carriers and chest rigs out there on the marked. But which one is the best?! Which configuration is best for a game?! That question can´t be answered today in this post! But what we can do is make it a bit harder for you to make a decision to get the right one 😉 Now – we give you a short overview of a nice set up which you can buy on

The LBT1961A-R Kit is not the newest out on the marked, but a great one in all Kit for the most combat situations or Airsoft/MilSim game scenarios. Perfect for one/two day operations. Used by Navy SEALs and some special forces units. It includes the following features:

  • LBT-1961A-R Chest Harness with Zipper Mod and Removable Suspenders
  • Mini Hydration Pack (LBT-2649A) “picture is not shon”
  • Medium Hydration Pack (LBT-2649B)
  • All Interchangeable
  • Also Includes LBT-6094A-SLICK Plate Carrier with Side Plate Compatibility (Side Plate Pockets Not Included)


very comfortable to wear, easy to adjust and enough space to get all the things with you for two days. The 1961A-R Chest Vest includes many pockets/pouches.

General Features:

  • Four M16-2 magazine pouches, flaps with hook and loop closure
  • Two radio pouches with ¾” webbing and side release adjustable closure and reinforced outside corners
  • Two pouches for night vision goggles/5590 batteries, flaps with hook & loop closure, removable elastic closure, located in front of radio pouches
  • Two additional utility/fragmentation grenade pouches on the outside of NVG/battery pockets with webbing and side release closure for added security
  • Rear map pockets with hook & loop closure contains a concealed holster
  • Shoulder straps (side release front/back adjustable, rear shoulder strap horizontal adjustable hook & loop, padded, antenna wire guide/hydration bladder hose each side hook & loop closure)
  • Zipper in middle of vest for quick and easy donning and removal
  • Adjustable one inch webbing waist strap with side release


The LBT 6094B Slick which is also included in the Kit, is the lightweight version of the “LBT-6094 plate carrier” series.

General Features:

  • Slick carrier with elastic sides
  • Cordura Flap Retention
  • Slick front has 6 x 3 loop for multiple identification tags
  • Quick access top sleeve with seven retention loops
  • Multipurpose sleeve for HALO board, Chemlight, GPS, or Credentials
  • Four routing points on front
  • Overall size: 15.5L x 13.5W
  • Weight: LBT-6094A SLICK 1.54 lbs, LBT-6094B SLICK 1.71 lbs, LBT-6094C SLICK 1.97 lbs

The two Hydration Packs (LBT-2649A) & (LBT-2649B) can be easy installed to the 1961A-R backside. Those packs have enough space to carry a MRE, BBs, Gas or some extra clothes for bad weahter with you for example.

Normal prize for the Kit is $937,50. LBT has a special offer – so you can buy it for only $796,88 bucks right now!

We know there are many replicas out on the marked and they are quiet cheaper – but if you can get the real deal… just do it! You´ll love to have it 🙂