Chris Costa fans get ready for this!!! LaRue offers the Costa edition 5.56 rifle on their site. This is the real rifle (not airsoft) and if you are able to get it… you must be a lucky guy 🙂 We hope there is an airsoft manufacturer out there who going to produce this rifle as an airsoft version as well!!!

“The quest for a perfectly-balanced and reliable 5.56 rifle led Chris Costa to LaRue Tactical for a custom “signature series” rifle to bear his name. Costa requested the best of both worlds; the popular and lightweight PredatAR chassis, combined with the accuracy and reliability of an OBR 5.56 barrel. LaRue brought these elements together and provided it with a 14.5” barrel that is pinned and welded with a SureFire Muzzle Brake.”

Check out some selected pic´s below, but to get the full feature visit their site here.