LWA is kicking off Easter early, and they’re doing so with a bang!

These grenades offer a fantastic cost effective way of providing strike pyro instead of using single use grenades.

Torc Precision Impact Grenade

Featuring a solid construction of CNC Machined Aluminium and Stainless Steel, the SF-DI can withstand more than a little roughhousing, allowing you to breach and clear without worrying about the integrity of your device. It is also designed to be reloaded quickly and with ease, even when wearing gloves! They are perfect for training scenario’s, re-enactment and, obviously, airsoft; be it at a regular skirmish or a Milsim event!

What’s more, is that you can currently purchase one of these awesome grenades for as little as £59.99!

Or go for the package deal which includes 100 CCI .209 Primers for only £69.99! Plus we’re also offering a discount on all extras, such as spare pins and replacement levers!

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