Land Warrior HQ got a PTS Restock & they want to let you know about!

One of the biggest names in the airsoft market, PTS Syndicate are known for their top-of-the-line and innovative products; providing Airsoft Guns – both AEG and GBBR -, MagazinesRifle and Pistol Accessories and Internal UpgradesApparel & more!

Land Warrior PTS Restock

One of their most popular hitters in the scene has always been their EPM Magazines; bringing the user an impressive mag capacity, reliable feeding even with high-speed guns, and a shape that is both ergonomic and perfect for fitting in the majority of guns on the market! From their standard EPM’s, to their new and improved EPM1’s, their TM Recoil Offering, and more! LWA has got you covered!

Land Warrior PTS Restock

We also received many items that have been long requested for a restock, from their awesome MTEK FLUX helmets – an extremely high fidelity replica featuring a high quality, properly textured, and accurately coloured high strength polymer shell with an inner designed to maintain stability especially when wearing NOD’s or other mounted accessories – to their many EP accessories from foregrips to stocks to trigger guards and more!

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