LMG’s are back in at Land Warrior

We recently received a sizeable order from Cybergun, which not only included the long-awaited Krytac P90’s but also a multitude of Support Weapons by A&K! Now you can become the happiest guy in a firefight!

For those Minimi Fanatics, we have 3 variants of the M249! From the original M249 Mk1, a respectful recreation of the classic belt-fed, the M249 Mk2, for those wanting that iconic solid stock, and the very recognisable M249 Para!

Lastly, you can unleash your inner Sonny Quinn with the Mk46! With its M4-style stock, railed handguard, and more making it a very ideal modern LMG for high-speed use.

If these aren’t your style, we also currently have stock of a mighty LMG featuring a familiar M4-style receiver; The Krytac Trident MkII LMG Enhanced AEG combines the firepower of a full sized machine gun with the portability and the controls of the traditional AR platform! As well as the box magazine, this awesome support weapon can also be loaded with your normal M4 mags. Never be out of the fight!

Tokyo Marui Mk46 Mod.0

Or, if you’re feeling truly exquisite, the Tokyo Marui Mk46 Mod.0 NGRS is definitely one of the best LMG’s currently on the market! The ultimate SAW, featuring TM’s Next Gen. Recoil Shock system, Dummy Round’s that shake with every round fired, this is a damn fine Support Gun for those who know their stuff!

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