G&P Product Highlight from Land Warrior

One of the big ‘old’ names in airsoft that has stood the test of time, with determination not to compromise on quality​, G&P has gained the loyalty of airsoft and military-equipment enthusiasts all across the world.

Offering a number of high-quality replicas and accessories that have a well-known excellent ‘out of the box’ quality and their ability to be upgraded into absolute monsters even more so, taking our very own LEOTEK upgrade packages very well!

We currently have stock of a good number of their products, including their Saliant Arms International replicas, from a wide number of AEG’s in different configurations and even some of their mighty PTW offerings, arguably some of the best available in airsoft!

For your more ‘typical’ AEG’s, have always offered some of the best replicas out there, from their older Warhammer and SR15/16 models to their newer Daniel Defense M4A1 and Mk18 Mod.1’s, all including solid externals with internals to match!

For all things G&P and everything else we currently offer at Land Warrior, check out our website here and be sure to also follow us on your favourite Meta Service like Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date on whats going down at LW HQ.

More shop news from Land Warrior on our blog, can be found here!

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