Warfighter Athletic Gear – Now available from LWA

Available Now for the UK Market, coming from a company founded by NZ SOF Veterans who know that only the best will do. For gear you can work in, no matter the scenario, look no further!

Warfighter Athletic

When Warfighter Athletic set out, they had 2 main goals;

The first goal was to make high quality, performance enhancing gear, that is light weight and goes the distance.

The second was to provide such clothing, at a price that was significantly less than what the high-end retailers are charging you for. With their founders coming from military careers, they know the value of every penny you earn.

Warfighter Athletic

Their Commando Range is the pinnacle of the two goals combined. When you dig into the specs and features, you would literally pay nearly double from a high end mountaineering brand. Be that their Commando Jackets, Pants, Hybrid Hoodies, not to mention their Athlete Range, with T-Shirts, Hoodies and more, made for those who are sick of gym gear being marketed for those who are active but clearly made for the couch.

For gear you can work in, no matter the scenario, look no further.

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