Every milsim event is different with varying requirements in the uniform and what will be needed based on the weather season and location of the venue. There will always be a series of essential kit that will always be most considered for every event. Here are the following gear essentials in no particular order for any Milsim event (ignoring all Airsoft specific gear).

24hr Day Backpack

Although it is possible to keep most kit essentials at your operations point such as sleeping gear and other kit that would not be worth hauling around in the game. A good backpack with at least 30 litres would be ideal for all the kit you decide to carry with you.

Man Wearing Military Uniform and Walking through Woods

The backpack should be capable of carrying all the essential gear below without over encumbering you as a person (personal fitness should assist you here). A backpack with good postural support and 1000D Cordura will take you a long way to ensuring that you don’t end up ruining your own Milsim experience. Make sure you don’t go cheap on your backpack as you will live to regret it.


It is very easy to neglect basic human needs such as your hydration. It is a common issue for players that they do not stay replenished when taking part in long activities throughout the day. Neglecting hydration will lead to sutle mood swings, headaches and loss of energy. Feeling tired could be more related to lack of hydration than actual fatigue from exercise.

Purple Sports Bottle on Ground

A hydration bladder can be ideal for some however it can be an issue for players who do not have a storage option for one. The best option in the end would be to carry a canteen and/or equivalent water container that can maintain the temperature of the water. The water should be cool but not cold as the consumption of cold water can lead to more energy consumption of the body.

Dry Food

Food is just as important to the player as the water is. Having said that, food in general will not be helpful due to the large variety of options available. The key is to use foods that are dry and compact as they will not go off throughout the Milsim event.

Peanut Lot

Dry fruit and energy bars would be the most simple form of nutrition to store on your person whilst playing, but as long as you choose foods that don’t spoil under temperature and are easier to consume on the move.

Seasonal Clothing

The clothing worn with your uniform and gear should be relevant to the season that you are playing in. Having said this, you should be assuming that it is colder than you think. Just make sure that you are able to layer your clothes to the appropriate temperature and making sure that those layers can fit in your day backpack when not in use.

Image result for tactical clothing

Light clothing with the ability to be flat packed in a backpack would be most ideal and should reflect the needs of the Milsim event if possible. These clothes do not need to be expensive as most brands of both consumer and tactical outlets can achieve these needs.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this article.