Get to know – The JSTA Pouch

This pouch has been a long time coming. The testing and evaluation of this pouch stretched far and wide. Spiritus Systems pulled in a lot of professional users to provide feedback and give them direction. After many iterations they’ve could feel it in their bones once they got it right.

The JSTA was designed with the assaulter in mind. Just like an assaulter the JSTA is a jack of all trades. Multipurpose, robust and able to accommodate many jobs. It can be mounted to any MOLLE webbing but worn on the belt is where we think that the JSTA feels most at home. The pouch was specifically designed to provide the assaulter with a slim storage solution, while not consuming vital real estate on his belt that is commonly used for housing an emergency reload.


The JSTA features two pockets. The rear pocket is built for housing magazines of various types using our Velcro magazine inserts. The front pocket is a GP pocket that can fit common warfighting items. It features a Velcro flap closure for efficiency when accessing items. To give you an idea of size, it can fit two US issued smoke grenades side by side in the front pocket. It’s not quite the size of most dump pouches, but it can be used in a similar manner to store spent magazines, or items you find on the objective. The front pocket also has a small stash pouch inside that is great for storing chemlight bundles, folding knives or multitools. Lastly, the front pocket is Velcro on one side to accommodate many of our Velcro accessory inserts.

NOTE: The JSTA pouch does not include any accessories. All Velcro inserts are sold separately.

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