Their is a new pack in town!

The Platatac LRR (Long Range Reconnaissance) Jungle ALICE Pack was developed to meet an end-user requirement for a pack system to be used when conducting jungle warfare operations. It takes inspiration from their SR Jungle Pack and old-school ALICE packs.

LRR Jungle ALICE Pack

Internally, the main body features two long internal side pockets for hydration bladders, a large radio/utility pouch on the rear wall, a flat mesh admin pocket on the front wall and a mesh divider to keep sleeping gear separated. The main compartment is closed with a roll top throat with two cinch cord closures.

LRR Jungle ALICE Pack

Externally, three large pouches and admin pouch allow quick access to gear, these pouches feature mesh areas to aid in drainage. The PALS fields on the sides allow the user to boost the carrying capacity with extra pouches for extended operations, making this pack extremely versatile and suitable to more roles other than just Jungle operations.

The LRR Jungle Pack is an external frame pack system, and requires an external frame and strap set (sold seperately) to complete the system. The LRR Jungle Pack is compatible with 1606MC or ALICE frames, as well as a number of OEM frames.

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