The most powerful, VCSEL-based IR laser illuminator commercially available

KIJI™ is a Class 3R laser device, similar to the illuminator performance of the MAWL-DA, the KIJI K1-3˚ emits up to 150mw, and the KIJI K1-10˚ emits up to 350mw of flawless infrared laser illumination.

KIJI BE MeyersBoth models feature four programmable power levels and include beam diffuser options to quickly adjust beam power and divergence, ensuring the best irradiance on target for any situation.KIJI BE MeyersThe KIJI IR Laser Illuminator is designed to work with your existing mounts, bodies, and switching.

KIJI BE Meyers

As a modular infrared illuminator, KIJI supports a wide variety of use scenarios – from umbrella lighting interior structures, to punching out hundreds of meters on a SPR. KIJI is compatible and interchangeable with most common CR123 300 series white light bodies and mounts, offering near endless versatility in handheld, helmet, weapon, vehicle, or aircraft mounted applications.

KIJI BE Meyers

This laser illuminator is designed to be used with user-preferred and existing aftermarket mounting hardware or remote switching options – making mounting and adoption as simple as using the parts and switching you already know and train with.

Learn more about the Indicator Light, Aperture Cover, Diffusers & Cowling and more you need to know at their page.

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