Because carrying concealed shouldn’t restrict optics options, SOUSA® Optics Discrete Advanced Reflex Concealment (DARC™) Micro Pistol Dot sight offers superb magnification without the obvious bulk.

Fort Worth, Texas (January 2022) – SOUSA® Optics, American designers and manufacturers of precision aiming devices and firearms accessories, proudly introduce the DARC™ Micro Pistol Dot sight. DARC stands for “Discrete Advanced Reflex Concealment” and packs superior clarity, precision, and durability in a micro pistol red dot sight.

Designed for a single stack or conceal carry pistol, the DARC also performs flawlessly in competition shooting, self-defense scenarios, and any other situation where maintaining a consistent point of impact is required. The DARC’s 1X magnification, scratch-resistant, hydrophobic coated glass lens features an Advanced LED Technol lighting system with 3 MOA dot for precise aiming. The micro pistol dot automatically adjusts to the surrounding light levels and also offers a manual override for individual preferences, and is also night vision compatible with two NV settings.

The DARC’s lightweight aluminum housing with matte black finish is super durable and tough enough to withstand day-to-day use without any loss of point of impact. The DARC also has ten brightness settings and two-night vision settings, both with a 12-hour auto-shutoff to save on the always-on battery life (expect two to three years average use with four years dark storage).

Easy to install, the DARC fits directly in the factory slide cuts for the Springfield Hellcat®, SIG® P365, and the GLOCK® 43/48 MOS – no adaptor plate needed! The low-mount facilitates co-witnessing with the standard stock iron sights of the pistol. The DARC is also compatible with multiple third-party mounts for all other pistol installations.

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